Security Systems That Make a Difference

Address the multitude of threats that your home and business faces every day and night with our customized security systems. When you sit down with one of our design specialists, they take the time needed to ask you the important questions about your home and the needs of your business. Each structure is different, and every client has a unique set of needs when it comes to the products we offer.

Protect your home and family from a devastating blaze, a medical emergency, or robbery with our advanced fire alarms, medical alerts, and burglar alarms. Whether you are at home or not, a fire can rob you of your belongings and your life. If anyone in your family or an employee at your business has a medical condition, we have a solution. Our team of wiring technicians is the one to turn to when you are in need of state of the art burglar alarms to catch any potential thieves red-handed.

Build a smarter home that is responsive to your needs and keep an eye on the kids when you are away with our access control systems. If you or a loved one is locked out of the house, these access systems are a great way to come in from the cold. Your heating and cooling costs can also now be controlled with our proven approach to home automation. Control your home from anywhere you may be with the push of a button.

Fire Alarms and Functional Controls

Wiring any new or existing structure for greater security and functionality is now possible when you establish a partnership with our team of specialists. Our fire alarms are essential for businesses looking to comply with governmental safety regulations, and they also give those you employ peace of mind. The threat of fire isn’t the only concern you should be worried about, as a medical emergency could leave your loved ones without the help they need. Make an investment in our medical alert systems, and stay connected even if you are without your phone.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to secure your home or business with the Total Connect system from Honeywell. Our burglar alarms are connected to a central monitoring station, which helps you to shorten the response time for authorities and minimize any losses on your part.

Access Our Camera Systems from Anywhere

Keep an eye open at all times in your home or business with our cutting-edge camera systems. These cameras are connected to web-based applications for smartphones, so you can always look in on your valuables no matter where you may be. Just make the call to our offices to schedule a consultation. We will provide you with a free quote on all of the access control systems and other options you need. Monitor the people entering and leaving your home and eliminate the uncertainty involved with owning a business.

Build a home that works for you when you make an investment in our home automation process. Our technicians are ready to wire all of the essential home systems into one advanced keypad. Stop heating your home while nobody is there, and flip on the lights before you arrive so you don’t have to trip over the kids’ toys in the dead of night.

Contact us today for security systems and fire alarms that include the advanced features you need. We proudly serve customers and clients in Cook, Will, and DuPage Counties in Illinois.