Innovative Home Theater Solutions

Talk to friends in the next room or around the world while you take in your favorite movie with the home theater innovations we offer. With just a push of a button, you can activate a multimedia experience unlike anything you have ever seen. Instead of getting up to answer the door, and missing even a moment of the big game, make an investment in the quality of life with our home automation and entertainment products.

Connect each workstation in your business and every room in your home to our functional phone systems. When you give us a clear understanding of your communication needs, we can design intercom systems that bring people together. No matter how large your structure may be, this advanced approach to cabling makes a difference. When you consider the growing importance of the internet of things, this advanced level of connectivity is essential.

Fill your home theater with realistic sounds and invigorating beats when you partner with our team on the design and installation of your sound systems. You don’t have to miss a moment of your favorite podcasts or the Top-40 hits your family enjoys when you build a smarter sound system for the entire home. If you have had enough of the music your kids are listening to, give them the flexibility to enjoy it in their own rooms with our customized and compartmentalized systems. The possibilities for your home are almost limitless.

Adaptable Phone Systems

Internet and telephonic system design is something we specialize in, so why should you continue to accept the limitations of your existing framework. Install new phone systems and internet routers where you need them, and maintain a connection to the people and places you serve. Our team is ready to connect each workstation at your establishment with a state-of-the-art phone system. These scalable telephone and intercom systems are essential for collaboration and conversation alike.

An intercom can be integrated into our existing camera system for a greater level of security and stability. Secure your establishment from intrusion, and stop answering the door when you could be at risk. Our team has a proven track record of success when it comes to the design and installation of cabling, and we leave your establishment looking even better than it did before we arrived.

Stunning Sound Systems

Listen to the big game on the back deck or bring important presentations in your conference rooms to life with our customized sound systems. Our team is capable of designing a whole-home sound system that you can control with just a push of a button. You get theater-quality sound for those Hollywood blockbusters, and an enjoyable experience for anyone involved.

Contact us today to begin the planning process for your new home theater. We proudly serve customers and clients in Cook, Will, and DuPage Counties in Illinois.